Adhesives, Grouts and Fixings

We supply the Norcros range of stone and ceramic adhesives and grouts. For specialist technical advise from Norcros call their Technical Helpline on 0870 6092851. Products include wide joint grouts, grouts for limestones, primers, flexible and white adhesives. We also stock mineral board for wet areas and as a floor overlay.

Rapid Porcelain & Stone Tile Adhesive

Rapid Porcelain & Stone Tile AdhesiveNorcros Rapid Porcelain & Stone S1 Tile Adhesive is a rapid 3 hour-setting, cement-based adhesive with an improved bed thickness of 2-10mm formulated for fixing porcelain and stone tiles to a variety of building surfaces. • Increased flexural strength • Fibre reinforced • Extended open time • Improved bed thickness from 2 – 10mm • Crack bridging • Improved coverage • Underfloor heating and plywood overlay Conforms to BS EN 12004 C2FE S1
£13.50 +VAT Grey per 20 Kg bag
£21.45 + VAT White per 20 Kg bag

Flexible One Part Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive

Flexible One Part Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive This adhesive requires only the addition of water as it is specially formulated with Rock-Tite™ polymeric binders to impart flexibility, water resistance and increased strength – usually only achieved by the addition of polymer admixtures. It is ideal for tiling in heavy duty areas such as swimming pools, commercial showers and locations where thermal variation may occur. Setting time 16 to 24 hours. When fixing light coloured or translucent tiles/stone, use a white adhesive such as One Part Flexible White or Rapid Porcelain & Stone White.
£13.60 +VAT Grey per 20 Kg bag
£17.57 White per 20 Kg bag

Thick Bed Stone & Porcelain Adhesive

Thick Bed Stone & Porcelain Adhesive Norcros Thick Bed Porcelain & Stone Floor Tile Adhesive is a cement based thick bed floor adhesive designed for fixing fully vitrified porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles to a variety of floor surfaces. When fixing light coloured stone use Norcros Thick Bed Stone & Porcelain White to avoid staining. • Sets in 3 hours • 5mm to 25mm bed • Flexible, ideal for plywood overlay • Internal and external floors • Suitable for heated floors *
£14.66 + VAT Grey 20Kg bag
£21.45 + VAT White 20Kg bag

Pro 50 Levelling Compound

Pro 50 Levelling CompoundNorcros Pro 50 Levelling Compound is a single part, fibre reinforced self smoothing floor underlayment. It is suitable for use from 3mm to 50mm in one application without the need for additional granite chippings. 3-50mm Internal & external Fibre reinforced Single part Traffic after 4 hours Undertile heating Flexible Excellent wear resistance
£17.57 + VAT 20Kg bag

Wet Seal Tanking Kit

Wet Seal Tanking KitNorcros Wet Seal is a white brush-applied tanking membrane specifically designed for use beneath ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles and mosaics on both internal walls and floors in installations subject to intermittent and frequent wetting such as domestic and commercial showers, wet rooms and saunas. Norcros Wet Seal is sold in kit form, consisting of 5kg of liquid membrane, 500ml of Norcros Prime Bond Primer and 10m of 100mm wide waterproof polyester tape. • Brush applied • Waterproof • Suitable for use on all types of backgrounds • Suitable for use with ceramic, porcelain & natural stone tiles & mosaics • Walls & floors
£35.70 +VAT per 5 Kg Kit

Prime Bond - Bonding Agent

Prime Bond - Bonding AgentNorcros Prime Bond is a multipurpose water based synthetic SBR polymer. It is water and weather resistant and is suitable for internal and external use on a wide range of substrates as a primer, sealer, dust proofer, slurry bonding coat and admixture in screeds and renders.
£15.80 + VAT per 5 litre bottle
£4.80 + VAT per 1 litre bottle

Flexible Floor & Wall Grout

Flexible Floor & Wall Grout Norcros Flexible Wide Joint Tile Grout is a hard wearing, water and weather resistant tiling grout. It is suitable for joint widths of 2-20mm and for grouting between all types of wall and floor tiles including porcelain. Containing unique Rock-Tite™ polymeric binders the enhanced flexibility of the grout allows a greater range of fixing possibilities normally only achieved by the addition of separate admixtures.
£9.27 + VAT White per 10 Kg bag
£6.24 + VAT Steel Grey per 10 Kg bag
£10.06 + VAT Blanched Almond per 10 Kg bag

No Mould Wall Tile Grout

No Mould Wall Tile Grout Norcros Stop Mould Flexible Wall Grout is a fine textured smooth finish grouting material for internal and external wall tiling joints up to 5mm wide. Anti-Bacterial & Fungal Resistant; Ideal with Glass & Mosaic Tiles; 1-5mm Joints; Power Showers; Total Immersion/Swimming Pools. Available in a selection of colours - white, cream, blanched almond, steel grey, silver grey, midnight coal, coffee bean, oxford stone & golden jasmine.
£10.13 + VAT All colours per 10 Kg bag
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