Adhesives, Grouts and Fixings

We supply the Norcros range of stone and ceramic adhesives and grouts. For specialist technical advise from Norcros call their Technical Helpline on 0870 6092851. Products include wide joint grouts, grouts for limestones, primers, flexible and white adhesives. We also stock mineral board for wet areas and as a floor overlay.

Rapid Porcelain & Stone Adhesive - White

Rapid Porcelain & Stone Adhesive - WhiteA 3 hour setting, thin bed adhesive for porcelain, ceramic and stone tiles. Suitable for internal or external use. Conforms to BS EN 12004 C2F. 19.67 + VAT per 20kg bag

Rapid Porcelan Tile Adhesive - Grey

Rapid Porcelan Tile Adhesive - GreyA fast set, high strength, thin bed tile adhesive for internal and external floors and walls. Sets in 3 hours. Conforms to BS EN 12004 C1F. 12.53 plus vat per 20kg bag

Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive - Grey

Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive - GreyHigh strength wall and floor tile adhesive with a long pot life. Suitable for internal and external use, including swimming pools. 20kg 9.17 + VAT per 20kg bag. Conforms to BS EN 12004 C1T. Also available in thick set at 11.30 + VAT per 20kg bag. Thin set flexible grey is at 12.68 + VAT per 20kg bag.

Rapid Porcelain Tile Adhesive Grey

(No picture available)  12.53 + VAT per 20kg bag

One Part Flexible Grey

(No picture available)  12.68 + VAT per 20kg pack

One Part Flexible White

(No picture available)  16.19 + VAT per 20kg pack

Thick Bed Stone & Porc Adhesive Grey

(No picture available)  13.58 + VAT per 20kg bag

Thick Bed Stone & Porcelain White

(No picture available)  19.67 + VAT per 20kg bag

Pro 50 Levelling Compound

(No picture available)  15.72 + VAT per 20kg bag

Universal Levelling Compound

(No picture available)  13.01 + VAT per 20kg bag

Water Seal Tanking Kit

(No picture available)  31.95 + VAT per 5kg bag

Prime Bond - Bonding Agent

(No picture available)  14.15 + VAT per 5ltr Tin 4.30 + VAT per 1ltr Tin

Flexible Floor & Wall Grout White

(No picture available)  8.31 + VAT per 10kg bag 6.01 + VAT per 5kg bag

Flexible Floor and Wall Tile Grout Dark Grey

(No picture available)  5.40 + VAT per 10kg bag 5.28 + VAT per 5kg bag

Flexible Floor & Wall Grout Grey

(No picture available)  5.58 + VAT per 10kg bag 4.27 + VAT per 5kg bag

Flexible Floor & Wall Grout Creme

(No picture available)  8.70 + VAT per 10kg bag 6.53 + VAT per 5kg bag

Flexible Floor & Wall Tile Grout Limestone

(No picture available)  7.32 + VAT per 10kg bag 5.23 + VAT per 5kg bag

No Mould Wall Tile Grout White

(No picture available)  9.44 per 5kg bag

No Mould Wall Tile Grout Creme

(No picture available)  9.44 + VAT per 5kg bag
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