Granite Worktops & Vanity Tops

Granite is one of the most durable stones and can be used inside or out. We supply granite tiles, worktops, artefacts and garden ornaments from any granite available in the UK. We manufacture supply and fit granite worktops. prices are by quotation. Prices start from 174 + VAT per metre run and depend on material, size, amount of detail, and customer's location for templating and fitting. Several surface finishes are available to complement your own lifestyle polished, river-washed or leathered and honed. Different edge details can also be provided to worktops, such as bevelled, bullnosed, ogee, dupont, and we can put two layers of granite together to give more imposing edge details. The term granite is used here to describe all igneous stones suitable for worktops. Please ask if you would like to consider a material other than granite for your project.

Casablanca White

Casablanca WhiteA relatively inexpensive grey granite with a very distinctive directional texture. Ideal for a situation where grey, white and black is being used.

Chinese Tiger Skin

Chinese Tiger SkinA light yellow/cream Chinese granite with black tigerskin-like figuring. An inexpensive material suitable for worktops. Not to be confused with Indian Tiger Skin, which is much darker. We have this in 2500x650x30mm pre-finished worktop blanks and 2500x100x20mm pre-finished upstands.
Worktops by quotation

Titanium Granite / Cosmic Black

Titanium Granite / Cosmic BlackA spectacular Brazilian black granite with swirling grey, white and gold veins. The image is of a table top made recently from this material.

Gialo Veneziano Fiorito

Gialo Veneziano FioritoA light orange/brown/black mottled granite with a large crystal structure. Suitable for worktops. Mid range for price.
Worktops by quotation

Giallo Imperiale

Giallo ImperialeA mottled yellow granite with black flecks suitable for worktops.
Worktops by quotation

Silver Wave Granite

Silver Wave GraniteA spectacular hard wearing Indian granite - black with random white swirls. Suitable for worktops, tabletops and anything else, inside or out.
By quotation Worktops and tabletops

Leopard Skin

Leopard SkinA very distinctive mottled grey and cream granite from China. Makes stunning worktops.
Worktops by quotation

Angolan Blue Eyes

Angolan Blue EyesA lightly mottled black granite with highly reflective small blue crystals. Also known as Blues in the Night.
Worktops by quotation

China Green Granite

China Green GraniteAn olive green colour with a light fleck in the background. This granite is suitable for worktops and table tops. Makes stunning garden tabletops. 2800x650x30mm blanks in stock.
Worktops by quotation

Multicolour Red Granite

Multicolour Red GraniteA red/brown granite from India. Suitable for floors, walls and worktops. Worktops by quotation


UbatubaAn inexpensive dark green granite from Brazil suitable for worktops. Also known as Verde Parola.
Worktops by quotation

Padang Grey Dark Granite

Padang Grey Dark GraniteWorktops by quotation.

Gialo Veneziano

Gialo VenezianoA sand/brown coloured granite with and black crystals. Suitable for worktops.
Worktops by quotation

Madurai Gold

Madurai GoldA very popular mid priced, light golden coloured Indian granite with black and coloured flecks. Suitable for floors, walls and worktops.
Worktops by quotation

Tan Brown Granite

Tan Brown GraniteAn mid range price rich brown/black granite suitable for floors, walls and worktops.
Worktops by quotation

Almond Mauve

Almond MauveAlso known as Heather granite. An inexpensive light pink/mauve/grey granite suitable for worktops, vanity tops, hearths and tiles.
Worktops by quotation

Butterfly Blue

Butterfly BlueA stunning dark granite from China at a very reasonable price. Contains, blues, blacks and browns. In stock as 2800x700x30mm blanks. A few slabs 2750 x 1550mm also in stock. Please note that this material is quite different from Brazilian Butterfly Blue.
200 + VAT per 2800x700x30 mm blank

Desert Gold

Desert GoldAlso known as Yellow Rock granite. An inexpensive pale gold coloured granite for those that like a lighter speckled granite.
Worktops by quotation

Verde Eucalyptus

Verde EucalyptusA pastel green granite with dark flecks and veins from Brazil. This is a medium priced stone suitable for worktops and garden tables.
Worktops by quotation

Viscount White

Viscount WhiteA light granite with a white background and small grey flecks with a hint of green and mauve. An inexpensive stone suitable for worktops and garden tables.
Worktops by quotation

Namibian Gold

Namibian Gold A spectacular golden coloured granite infused with black and brown figuring. It has a strong crystalline texture. We would strongly recommend viewing the available slabs as there is a large variation between blocks. Medium to high price range. Suitable for worktops, furniture tops and outside table tops.
Worktops by quotation

Flash Blue

Flash BlueA dark granite with shades of blue and green. This stone has a faint veining with some fossil like crystals. This is an inexpensive option for those looking for a dark granite with some interest in the figuring.
Worktops by quotation

Coral Gold

Coral GoldA very strongly figured granite. It is a conglomerate of gold, brown, black and grey crystals. Suitable for worktops and garden tables.
Worktops by quotation

Coral Brown

Coral BrownA very strongly figured granite. It is a conglomerate of brown, black and grey crystals. Suitable for worktops and garden tables.
Worktops by quotation

Emerald Pearl Granite

Emerald Pearl GraniteA very dark granite with large blue-green crystals. Worktops by quotation

Galaxy Grey Granite

Galaxy Grey GraniteWorktops by quotation

Valley White

Valley WhiteWorktops by quotation

Steel Grey Granite

Steel Grey GraniteWorktops by quotation

Blue Pearl Granite

Blue Pearl GraniteWorktops by quotation. Also available in a lighter shade, as Blue Pearl TFV.

Blue Fusion

Blue FusionWe have a limited quantity of very special Blue Fusion quartzite available. There is enough to make one kitchen. Alternatively the pieces can be sold individually. The image is of the island available, which is 2600 x 1350 x 30mm. Not cheap at 3000.00 plus vat for the island.
By quotation

Brown Silk

Brown SilkA mid brown granite with a stunning texture like fabric. It contains some inclusions that form knot like patterns.
By quotation

Baltic Brown

Baltic BrownA brown/black granite with large, distinctive crystals.
Worktops by quotation

Royal Green Granite

Royal Green GraniteA beautifully veined granite from India. Suitable for worktops, table tops, bathrooms and furniture making. Prices by quotation.

Stargate Granite

Stargate GraniteAlso known as Cosmos. A black granite with small silver flecks. Worktops by quotation

Colonial Cream Granite

Colonial Cream GraniteWorktops by quotation

Star Galaxy

Star GalaxyA black granite with gold coloured flecks from India. One of the most stunning black granites available. Worktops by quotation

Indian Assoluto Granite

Indian Assoluto GraniteSourced directly from India, this is the classic near pure black granite. Suitable for worktops, floor and wall tiles, ornaments and artefacts. Worktops by quotation
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