Marble Borders

We supply a range of both standard and custom made marble borders. Please ask for a quotation for custom made borders.

Black & White tumbled marble border

Black & White tumbled marble borderA classic design dimensionally co-ordinated to go with our 200 x 200 outfield tiles and 141 x 141 diagonal bed tiles. The 141mm tiles are 200mm on the diagonal.
6.00 each 98 x98 x10mm corner pattern on mesh
8.40 per piece 200 x 98 x 10mm straight run on mesh

Floral border

Floral borderA large floral border in green, brown and beige Turkish marbles.
35 + VAT each 60 x 15cm mosaic pattern on mesh

Tulip Border

Tulip BorderA tulip pattern mosaic border in green and light beige Turkish marbles.
18 + VAT each 40 x 10 cm mosaic border on mesh

Special borders

Special bordersWe make our own borders. The photograph shows our rope design border made from a combination of slate and sandstone. We can combine many materials and produce designs to meet your needs. The rope border is cut using a CNC water jet cutter. This border can be made in our standard size of 85mm width or scaled up to any size up to 300mm wide. Costs come down as quantity goes up. Please ask for a quotation.
From 30 + VAT /m run 1000mm length x 85mm high, pieces loose.

Special mosaic borders

Special mosaic bordersWe can supply custom made mosaic borders to your design, or we can develop a design for you. The picture shows a floral border made to order. This example is priced at 300 + VAT/m2. We can also make mosaic carpets to match at a similar price.
By quotation only
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