Picture Stones

Fossil stones are found in the Madhya Pradesh area of Rajasthan in North India. The fern like decorations are actually minerals deposited by water passing through the sandstone over millennia. These stones are quarried for wall and floor tiling, furniture making and for ornaments. The very best are selected for Heart of Stone at the quarry. Art by nature picture stones make an inexpensive and exciting alternative to that made by man. Every stone is unique. They are suitable for use inside or out. Our stock size is 60 x 40 cm but other sizes are also available. We can supply 4 plain black wrought iron brackets for wall mounting.

Beautiful patterns in selected sandstone pieces. Our stock size is 60 x 40 cm.
30 each 600 x 400mm

Iron bracket

Iron bracketWe make iron brackets to support the picture stones. Double-click on the picture to see more detail.
6 /set of 4
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