Quartz Worktops

Quartz is an engineered stone made from quartzite or granite granules resin bonded together. It is scratch, stain and corrosion resistant. It has superior mechanical strength to granite, which gives it a greater range of applications. The colour choice is vast hence we only show a few here. We supply Beltrami Quartz Surfaces, Samsung Radianz, Iconic, Silestone, Cimstone, Techistone, Cambrian, Diresco and Unistone products including tiles. For the full range of Technistone colours visit www.technistone.eu and for full range of Diresco colours visit www.diresco.be Most Quartzite prices are similar to low/medium priced granites, and pricing is by quotation only. Both 20 and 30mm slabs are available. Slab sizes for technistone are 3m x 1.32m or 3m x 1.4m. Slab sizes for Unistone are 3.06m x 1.4m. Jumbo slabs 3.2 x 1.6m are standard for Beltrami Quartz. Most Unistone slabs are also available in Jumbo size 3.3m x 1.65m. Cambrian quartz is also available in Jumbo slabs of 3.3 x 1.65m

Cambria Summerhill

Cambria SummerhillA white quartz with grey veining which looks stunning on tabletops and worktops.
287 + VAT/m2 30mm thick Summerhill

Unistone Nero Letano

Unistone Nero LetanoA black quartzite with little figuring, similar in appearance to Assoluto Black granite.

Unistone Bianco Assoluto Bianco

Unistone Bianco Assoluto BiancoA very white quartzite with a fine grain.

Unistone Bianco Letano

Unistone Bianco LetanoAn off white quartzite with fine grain.

Unistone Crema Letano

Unistone Crema LetanoA cream coloured quartzite with a fine grain.

Unistone Bruno Letano

Unistone Bruno LetanoA chocolate brown quartzite with a fine grain and a slight mottle.

Technistone Starlight Black

Technistone Starlight BlackA black quartzite with silver flecks and a crystalline texture.

Technistone Starlight Brown

Technistone Starlight BrownA chocolate brown quartzite with silver flecks and a crystalline texture

Technistone Starlight Grey

Technistone Starlight GreyA mid grey quartzite with silver and quartz flecks with a crystalline texture

Technistone Azurite

Technistone AzuriteA light blue quartzite with silver and quartz flecks having a crystalline texture

Technistone Venetian Day

Technistone Venetian DayA light grey quartzite with multicolour flecks

Technistone Sonora Light

Technistone Sonora LightA light beige quartzite with small mixed coloured flecks.

Technistone Starlight Green

Technistone Starlight GreenA light Green quartzite with quartz flecks.

Technistone Taurus Blue Bahia

Technistone Taurus Blue BahiaA light blue quartzite with mixed grey, black and blue flecks. Very similar to Azul Bahia granite in appearance.

Diresco Premium Cotton Beige

Diresco Premium Cotton BeigeA light cream quartzite with very fine texture

Diresco Risotto Brown Anticato

Diresco Risotto Brown AnticatoA mid brown quartzite with coloured flecks and riverwash surface finish. Riverwash is a smooth undulating texture like orange peel. For those that do not want a polished finish.

Diresco Premium Mistral Grey

Diresco Premium Mistral GreyA light grey quartzite with a fine quartz grain

Diresco Risotto Crema

Diresco Risotto CremaA creamy coloured quartzite with light flecks

Black Mirror Quartz

Black Mirror QuartzBlack Mirror quartz is one of the most popular quartz colours. It is available in slabs for worktops and tiles for floors and walls.
48.80 + VAT /m2 400 x 400 x 12mm tiles
48.80 + VAT /m2 600 x 300 x 12mm tiles
52.00 + VAT /m2 600 x 600 x 12mm tiles
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