Signs & Name Plates

Signs, name and number plates are made to order. We offer a wide range of materials for these, slates, granites and sandstones being the most popular. All prices by quotation. Some examples are shown here.

House Name Plates

House Name PlatesHouse name plates to order. Text, numbers and graphics available. This example is the house name, picture to clients requirements on Blue Pearl granite with secret stainless steel fixing.


PlaquesThis plaque was made to replace an existing cast iron sign which had degraded. The text and design were made to replicate the original.
Prices by quotation


PlaquesThis is the plaque above installed in the wall of a historic local building
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Sandstone Monolith House Names

Sandstone Monolith House NamesSandstone monoliths are selected for their attractive natural shape and suitability as name plates. The bottoms are sawn flat and the front face is dressed. Recessed signage can also be done. Edges are rough cut/trimmed to shape to maintain the natural look. This one is made from buff coloured York Stone. Size can vary subject to need. The largest we have quoted for is a 4 ton block.
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Polished Black Granite House Names

Polished Black Granite House NamesThis house name plate was made from polished black granite with a large bevel. Lettering is in gold leaf. Four 8mm fixing holes were provided in the corners.
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Slate House Names

Slate House NamesSlate house names are made to order as was this one for a Shropshire farm. Honed Brazilian Black slate was used and the lettering was done in gold leaf. Pricing is based on size, edging, holes and number of letters.
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Honed Granite Name Plates

Honed Granite Name PlatesThe granite name plate in this picture was made to replace the wooden one above it which was badly weathered. It was made from honed Shanxi Black granite with concealed stainless steel fixings to attach to wrought iron railings. This sign was made to last a lifetime. Lettering was done in gold leaf.
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