Slates & Quartzites

We carry a range of Indian, Chinese and Brazilian slates & quartzites in stock, but can supply any UK slates by request. 600 x 400, 400 x 400 & 300 x 300mm are the most popular sizes. With the larger sizes the stone can be seen at its best. We also stock other sizes, Opus Romano pattern and mosaics, and can import or make special sizes to order. The surface texture of riven slates and quartzites can vary considerably. In the splitting process some vents, small ridges and surface distress marks will appear. These are normal and part of the character of these materials. Slates benefit greatly in appearance by being sealed. The colours appear bolder and richer, and although the surface is already of low porosity and slip-resistant, sealing adds to the durability. Most slates are suitable for interior use, but some are also suitable for exterior use. Slate is a metamorphic rock, formed from shale, mudstone and volcanic ash at low pressure and temperature. The minerals within the rock realign themselves into layers, which allows the slate to be split into sheets along these natural cleavages. Slate may also contain traces of quartz, mica, chlorite and iron, allowing a large range of possible colours. Although slates are usually supplied with a riven surface, they are also available with a smoother finish, such as honed, if desired. Quartzite is made from sandstone in one of two ways: it has either been metamorphosed into solid quartz rock under high pressure and temperature, or silica has been precipitated out of the water contained within the sandstone and cements the sand grains together. Some quartzites are similar to slate in that they can be sheared along natural cleavages to form thin tiles. Quartzites contain 90% or more quartz and are generally white, pale pink or grey. With impurities such as mica, iron and chlorite, other colours such as blue, green, yellow and brown are not uncommon. Azul Macaubas from Brazil is prized for its rich blue colour. Quartzites are tougher than slates and generally have a metallic sheen. They are slip-resistant, easy to keep clean, very hard wearing and suitable for indoor and some for outdoor use.

Ocean Green

Ocean GreenA very hard deep ocean green quartzite. Riven, it has a slight ripple texture. Honed, it has a good shine and retains a ripple look and takes on a three dimensional surface appearance. One of our favourite products. The 100 x 100mm tiles make a good border for the larger tiles.
£23.80 + VAT /m2 300 x 300mm riven
£21.70 + VAT /m2 100 x 100mm riven
£26.60 + VAT /m2 300 x 300mm honed
£26.60 + VAT /m2 400 x 400mm honed


PewterA pewter coloured very durable quartzite. Very colour consistent and can be used riven or honed. We have supplied this for many hearths. Makes a fabulous chequerboard pattern when mixed with Pearl quartzite.
£17.87 + VAT /m2 400 x 400mm riven
£17.87 + VAT /m2 300 x 300mm riven


SalmonA salmon red coloured riven slate of fairly low colour variation. It also makes very good colour combinations with browns and beige materials as seen in the photograph, where it is used with Lola Limestone.
£18.50 + VAT /m2 400 x 400mm riven
£18.50 + VAT /m2 300 x 300mm riven

Black Chinese

Black Chinese
£25.20 + VAT /m2 900 x 600 x 20 riven
£23.10 + VAT /m2 600 x 600 x 20 riven

Green Brazilian

Green BrazilianA grey green smooth slate
£29.40 + VAT /m2 600 x 600mm riven calibrated
£26.60 + VAT /m2 600 x 400mm riven calibrated
£32.20 + VAT /m2 600 x 900mm riven calibrated
£22.40 + VAT /m2 400 x 400mm riven calibrated

Bronze Green

Bronze GreenA popular multicolour rustic character slate. Great in kitchens and room with natural woods. Our slate tiles are calibrated to 12mm maximum thickness.
£36.40 + VAT /m2 48 x 48mm mosaics tumbled
£15.40 + VAT /m2 100 x 100mm riven
£15.40 + VAT /m2 300 x 300mm riven
£15.40 + VAT m2 400 x 400mm riven
£17.40 + VAT /m2 600 x 400mm riven
£17.40 + VAT /m2 Opus Romano riven

Indian Black Slate

Indian Black SlateA pure black slate which can be used riven or honed. It makes classic black inserts in light coloured floors and is suitable for use in patterns and medallions.
£26.80 + VAT /m2 100 x 100mm riven
£26.80 + VAT /m2 300 x 300mm riven
£30.40 + VAT /m2 300 x 300mm honed
£0.28 + VAT each 50 x 50 each piece

Azul Macaubas

Azul MacaubasA really beautiful quartzite only found in Bahia, Brazil. Colour varies from bright blue to grey with some purple, black and white. Selection is required for blue only. A very tough stone suitable for walls, floors, worktops and ornamental work. Can be used inside or outside.
By quotation only. It is expensive.

Calcatta Quartzite

Calcatta QuartziteA creamy coloured quartzite with thin grey veins.
By quotation only

Rustic Multicolour

Rustic MulticolourA very good value for money slate. Hard wearing and easy to maintain. Very colourful, with a lot of colour movement.
£23.80 + VAT /m2 600 x 400 x 10mm riven
£28.00 + VAT /m2 600 x 600 x 10mm riven
£21.70 + VAT /m2 400 x 400 x 10mm riven
£21.70 + VAT /m2 300 x 300 x 10mm riven

Grey Green

Grey GreenA grey/green slate of low colour variation.
£17.00 + VAT /m2 300 x 300 x 10mm riven tiles

Brazilian Black Slate

Brazilian Black SlateA black slate of very uniform colour sutable for interior and exterior use. Available as riven tiles for walls and floors, and honed tiles for walls. We also stock this material in 30mm thick slabs to make hearths, window sills and staircases. The riven material is fairly smooth and less character than most other slates. Slate is one of the softest stones and scratches easily. Being very dark the scratches will show more than in lighter and multi-coloured materials. We recommend sticking to riven for floors, although we have done quite a few in honed tiles.
£30.80 + VAT /m2 1200 x 600 x 10mm riven
£18.20+ VAT /m2 400 x 400 x 10mm riven tiles
£26.60 + VAT /m2 600 x 400 x 10mm honed
£25.20 + VAT /m2 900 x 600 x 20mm riven
£18.20 + VAT /m2 600 x 400 x 10mm riven
£19.60+ VAT /m2 600 x 600mm riven
£25.20 + VAT /m2 900 x 600mm riven
£18.20 + VAT /m2 600 x 300 riven
£14.00 + VAT /m2 300 x 300 x 10mm riven
£25.20 + VAT /m2 400 x 400 x 10mm honed
£16.80 + VAT /m2 400 x 400 x 10mm riven
£21.00 + VAT /m2 600 x 400 x10mm riven calibrated

Westmoreland Light Sea Green

Westmoreland Light Sea GreenA very tough slate suitable for worktops, table tops, hearths and signs. Available as slab for tops and hearths or block for lintels and fireplaces. The Dark Sea Green has the same texture but is darker in colour.
Prices by quotation only.

Portabello Slate Worn

Portabello  Slate WornA rich, dark natural stone that oozes dramatic appeal. This large format tile features inherent veining and characteristics that make each and every tile unique. It can be used to enhance a classic or contemporary décor as well as to give outdoor areas a touch of wow factor that can be accented with lighter stones to achieve a balanced look.
£52.00 + VAT /m2 20mm thick 600mm x random

Madraperola Quartzite

Madraperola QuartziteA mint coloured quartzite with a very unique texture. We have a limited supply of this material in 20mm slabs. Suitable for vanity tops, table tops and interior bespoke jobs. Greatly reduced price of £150.00/m2 whilst the stock lasts.

Grey Brazilian

Grey Brazilian
£15.40 + VAT /m2 300 x 300 x 10mm riven calibrated
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