We supply sealers, cleaners, and specialist treatments for all types of stone. We hold stock of Stone Care Europe products. Nearly all stone needs sealing to prevent unsightly staining. Even granite can stain so prevention is better than a cure. Granite care kits are available for worktops and vanity tops. There are many sealers available to take account of the porosity of different stones and the finishes that may be required. Please take advice before choosing a sealer. Absorption rates for different stones vary enormously, so coverage can vary from 3m2 to 30m2 per litre.

Stone Care Europe S.R.L. Products

Stone Care Europe S.R.L. ProductsThe full range of products available and product selection guidance can be found on the Stone Care Europe website www.stone-care-europe.com Their Technical help number is 0845 6120317. The products listed on our website are only those most regularly purchased from us.

Stone Seal (By Stone Care Europe)

(No picture available)  A general purpose anti-stain treatment for natural honed stone, engineered stone and terra cotta.
17.00 /ltr including VAT


(No picture available)  Anti-stain treatment combined with resin toner that enhances the appearance, texture and colour of natural honed stone and terracotta. One of our most popular products. Transforms limestones. The best sealer we know for slate hearths.
26.00 /ltr including VAT


(No picture available)  Water based, easy care surface maintenance treatment for natural riven, textured and honed natural stone (slate, limestone and travertine) and terra cotta. Coverage 8-25m2/ltr depending on absorbtion and surface texture.
22.00 /ltr including VAT
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